Reflecting on Water Diary

Reflecting on Water Diary
Rachel Remsburg June 21, 2021

On May 28th, 2021, Good Lee submerged us into the waves of his new album “Water Diary.” Dance artist and Austrian-based musician Lee awakens us with this new flow. This 12-track album contains beautifully layered rhythmic charm that carries you away. “Water Diary’ captures the waves of life caught and painted on hand-created journal pages, each one expressed through a song,” Lee states. 

Over the last two years, Lee has been on a journey with this album that has forced a need to resolve questions and demanded a facedown with shadows. Just as the artist has required it of himself, he asks his listeners to dive into the journey with him. “Water Diary” creates a sense of vulnerability. In considering recent global events and the world’s struggles, exposure does not come easy. Lee provides a sound set aside that creates a place where one does not have to be afraid to express their vulnerability.

“Water Diary” starts with a warm electronic beat in “Pamilya.” The concept for the album’s core came together after Lee returned from a visit to Vienna, a time celebrated with family and close friends. In the Filipino language, Tagalog, “Pamilya,” means family. Togetherness, beautiful diversity, and oneness in today’s day and age was the message Lee hoped to express with this raw but straightforward rhythm. 

Lee extends a hand out to us and, with the help of Jade Alice, and pulls us into the moonlight. The euphoric wave in “Memories In the Moonlight” takes us into a fairytale land between the trees and the dark. The rhythm of “Water Diary” matches our vulnerability with the racing heartbeat of the track “The Essence,” which brings to life with the help of “A I N Y.” This track is pulling us back to the essence of who we are.   

Whether you are searching for a warm tempo beat to vibe with or a rhythm that matches a meditation you seek, Lee has considered it all in this new album. “Water Diary” provides a place for reflection. Just as one sees their face when they look into the water surface, so does one reflect on themselves when they listen to Lee’s new album. Water is always changing, and so are we. Lee takes a moment to stop and remind us that it is important to be vulnerable and reflect on the past in that change. Listen and reflect on these entries from “Water Diary,” what surfaces from the waves may surprise you. 


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