Abby Duran May 25, 2021

For Nicolo Pilchard, music is a true pleasure within his life. As an established electronic producer for Armada, Reaching Altitude, and Outburst Records, his sounds grace the edge of the dark side of the turntable. Now masquerading under the alias Voolgarizm, he's bringing the rawness to the spotlight. 

What started as a pun ended up propelling him into his love of a heavier voice. After spending a few years as a trance producer under his former label, GrayGoo Records, Nico took some time to find his roots. His love of heavy metal poured over into his productions and is now a recognized name among the prestigious Amsterdam club scene. 

Voolgarizm started as a joke. I signed a remix under this name [but] I liked it right away. It comes from the word vulgar, a language with negative connotations in the past but now seems to be more common among the social ladder. Voolgarizm is relevant, direct, and simple. It reflects my eclectic musical productions. 

With darker imagery, Nico believes that this expression brings out a rooted recognition in individuals that sometimes lighter tones cannot. Being “comfortably numb" with our “dark side of the moon" helps us understand ourselves and has improved mental stability. Furthermore, accompanied in the most difficult and beautiful moments in life. Beyond falling in love with heavier musical genres, Nico takes a literal cue from Pink Floyd. 

I don't have a ritual, but the best moment for me is to create at night. No phone calls, no traffic, [most] people are asleep. It's a fantastic way to be in the studio and produce something new. The only difference is that I don't decline any musical genre; therefore, the crossover approach and moving around reflect my character as an artist and a person.  

His mobility refers to his new identity and also a guide to a steeper self-reflection. Residing in Milan gave Nico the adaptability to be very resilient in obtaining any results among a frenetic and dedicated city life. Italy is a country of singers and it's hard to find a rock, heavy metal, or dance scene compared to The U.S. or Holland. If you want to do [those styles] right, explore the world and not stay in one place. 

His at-home composition studio reflects a nightclub, neon lights illuminating behind the soundproof foam adorning the walls and ceiling: the computer,  keyboard, and mixers all strategically placed for the ideal acoustic balance. LOGIC is his platform of choice, as with many crafted creatives, in conjunction with Access Virus oscillators. For those unfamiliar with this technical lingo, these operating systems give him a powerful production punch. 

Now as Voolgarizm, Nico keeps the energic pace but opens up to vocal collaborations in future works. This musical journey brings a significant value to the Italian dance music scene that seems to be lacking. Despite all the opportunities, he's been able to settle in a more quite place to unplug among nature. Not to mention spending more time with his beloved golden retriever Argo.  

Follow the Voolgarizm rabbit hole here + listen to his latest remix of HamzeH's “Coup De Grace". 

Photos provided by artist. 


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