Sirsy: An Everyday Superhero with Sass

Sirsy: An Everyday Superhero with Sass
Rachel Remsburg February 27, 2021

When getting out of the house is a challenge these days, Sirsy is taking us out of this world. After two national tours canceled due to COVID, the husband and wife duo strapped on their moon boots and fired up their rocket to head to space. A 12×12 basement, to be exact, filled with musical instruments, computers, green screens, and wires that come to life to create magic for their fans. 

Like many, Sirsy has overcome challenges in the past year but found some good in it all. Melanie Krahmer states with a spirited smile, “we are exploring parts of our creativity that we never get a chance to do on the road." Richard Libutti as the lead guitarist has become quite the video editor. During their Saturday evening shows, you might see a dancing computerized Leonardo DiCaprio or receive a word from their sponsor, “Soft Wet Beans," and become mesmerized by the elaborate set backdrops. Keep an eye out for his up-and-coming digital three-dimensional rocket for their upcoming music video for “Astronauts." 

Krahmer is the lead vocalist, drummer, piano, and flute player yet has leaned into comedy writing for their weekly skits. Audience members can be on the lookout for various comedic characters, such as the saucy newscaster and Carla, the crazy mechanic. “She’s obnoxious, yet lovable,"  admits Krahmer about playing her favorite. Viewers have laughed as hard as fallen for Carla and her counter-part Tony, now famous names on the Sirsy store merch line!

What makes Sirsy extra special to listeners is that their live streams are free. They understand that many of their fans, friends, and family have been hit with a financial setback. Anyone from anywhere can tune in on Facebook, yet the party is in the YouTube chatroom. Unable to be on the road, they rely on Venmo tips and creative merchandise sales. In regards to returning to in-person concerts, “our job, when we tour, is to play music partly," Krahmer notes. “The bigger part is to encourage as many people as possible to gather in a crowd." Libutti, with his charismatic charm, adds, “we don’t want to be responsible for someone coming to see us, getting sick, passing it on, and killing their grandmother." Moreover, “music and art are essential, but there are safe ways to do it."

Between the music, comedy skits, and live interactions that allow Krahmer and Libutti to connect more regularly with fans, Sirsy keeps spirits soaring. “We have the opportunity to bring some light and joy into people’s lives and also help them deal with sorrow…it’s okay not to feel like a superhero every day," says Krahmer. As a breast cancer survivor, she’s living proof. In the words of their newest hit, “Astronauts,": “Hard days, and heartaches, would seem so small. If we could fly to the moon and see them all like astronauts." For their listeners, Sirsy symbolizes an everyday hero: bringing smiles, keeping morale up, and flying us to the moon.

View Sirsy’s Saturday Night Live at 8 p.m. EST here


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