Savor Seattle

Savor Seattle
Abby Duran October 4, 2020

Perhaps cawing seagulls, coffee shop clinkers, and ferry horns are deemed the sounds of Seattle. Quite the contrary. It’s the angst-fueled by the 1980’s and 1990’s grunge expressionism, now turned on civil unrest. It’s the vast languages spoken, the awareness of one’s individualism. It’s the tranquility overlooking the city from the extensive parks and marinas.

Seattle is an American definition, becoming an unpredictable fog, yet harboring the immigrants, the homeless, and thousands of aspirations.

These ambitions continue to produce the merchants of Pike’s Market, the Microsoft and Boeing engineers, and even the international tour guides; many of whom have called this city home for well over 10 to 20 years.

City view from West Seattle.

The city hides between the Pacific waterways, forests, and native reservations. A concoction of private yet resourceful frames, friendly in demeanor. Despite recent protests, Seattle welcomes all sides of disagreements. The city proudly wears its colorful, expressive messages as a banner, almost as a reminder that intelligent conversation creates positive changes.

Furthermore, local music-makers’ resilience, like Pearl Jam, Nirvana, and Jimi Hendrix, continue to shape the country’s creativity decades later. Their lyrics hold the nation’s history at our ears. The sounds they birthed are the songbook to democracy, vibrations that ring the bell for aspiring global republics.

Jimi Hendrix’s letter to a loved one.

Nevertheless, the city hosts its flaws as much as its flavors. The staggering rise of homelessness is equal in its need for mental health security. Moreover, a single totem pole in a western plaza is not an integration of nations. It’s as if the Tilikum statue is calling for reform, not standing firmly after a fight.

What kind of country could we become if we had a Native president?

Overall, Seattle is the gateway to nationalities and the roads to the North American landscape. A water taxi to West Seattle and Alki Beach, a ferry to beautiful Bremerton or Bainbridge islands; both venture on to the majestic mountains and lush evergreens.

As a universal hub, one can taste Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, Africa, Arabia, and yes, South America just by conversation. This degree of merging cultures have contributed to the city’s acceptance of others. It could also explain the majority of MBA holders in a centralized location.

Seattle is one to submerge yourself in, sipping the local brew beyond Starbucks or savoring PNW seafood compared to the East Coast. Save on the Space Needle fee by giving Kerry Park a view. While the borders remain closed, expand your palate with the international cuisine of Post Alley or Chinatown. And no matter your outdoor expertise, Washington State is at your fingertips.

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