Rögg Collins – Off My Mind (Catch The Rise Remix)

Rögg Collins – Off My Mind (Catch The Rise Remix)
Abby Duran
Abby Duran January 15, 2021

From the sensory storybook that is Catch The Rise comes the equally seductive retake on Rögg Collins’ “Off My Mind,”mixed and mastered by Zach Caraher.

These South Carolina producers couldn’t be more musically diverse. Rögg Collins, formally known as Lucas Hogg, is well versed in early house and minimal beats, bringing out all the nostalgic feels of the early 90s dance era. After a social connection, Britt Barker, aka Catch The Rise, was invited to interpret. Although Barker wanted to “commit to a certain style-bringing in the textured elements from UK garage and bass,” this edit is all his narrative.

“When you take the idea of not being able to get someone ‘off your mind,'” he admits, “it can have that fun, light, flirty feeling behind it.” Barker’s signature subtle guitar riffs replace the original sax melody as the words “can’t get you over my mind” is elongated compared to Collins’ staccato. If you’ve heard Catch The Rise’s debut EP, Trust, your ears will easily collect similar distinctions in terms of light vibrations and a spacey introduction.

At first, Barker was “hesitant” to partake in Collins’ challenge, given that he is new to the realm of remixing. Yet, Barker is no stranger to renditions and has an intuitive imagination by nature. He taps into subconscious sensations as his artistic platform. Moreover, he aspires to move into the world of film scoring in the future.

You can ‘catch’ both artists on their social engagements + stay tuned for future musical journeys.


Catch The Rise here.

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