Play That Funky Music with Murge

Play That Funky Music with Murge
Abby Duran November 24, 2020

*Originally written by Jestiny Morris

Loci records has the addition of a cool new Dj and this is just the beginning! Dj and producer, Murge, released a new track “Alone Together”, featuring Sierra Lundy on Vocals. This new track is one we can all relate to. The coronavirus has us keeping our distance from one another, changing up our habits. We are all dealing with this new anxiety and worry of the unknown future, we are essentially, “alone together.” 

“Alone together” drowns out the noise of everything else. Good music challenges you to open up your senses and truly absorb the vibe. Murge creates sounds that you can dance to, but also makes you take a deep breath and just relax. He wants his music to have substance and evoke a deeper meaning. His track “Alone Together” does just that, the disco feel has you tapping your feet but also the switches in Murge’s musical style give the song a more profound feel as well.

Murge has a love for traveling and being outdoors. He is a fan of different musical styles and blends them together in a very psychedelic way, which shows through in his music. Producing beats that vary from electronic music to hip- hop. An artist who is always searching for new sounds and combinations that he can experiment with in new tracks to come. 

“Alone together” by Murge featuring Sierra Lundy is out now on all streaming platforms. Grab your headphones and immerse yourself in the music!




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