Noisy Boys – Slave To The System

Noisy Boys – Slave To The System
Abby Duran October 28, 2020

Appropriately themed, “Slave to the System” adheres to the passion of the current Populous. Lyrically and visually, the song is an ardent wooden rollercoaster of today’s societal agitations. Christian Morant and Josh Davidson are the men behind the masks portraying pure delirium in a foggy reality during the height of an election year and Halloween.

Learical, aka Morant, verbally spits the reality back at us, shouting, “It’s so damn sickening we can’t just eliminate/the hate, rage, and mistakes that turn us all into/ slaves.” A problematic term of our human history, slave, sets off traumatic anomalies and varies in definition. One message is clear: we all have become or are “slaves to the system.”

Davidson’s lyrics deepen in facing the truth as one begins to realize the illusion that we idealize-“they keep changing the way that your mind works/they’re paving the way, it’s the way that we go/lies in the media taking its toll.” The verses continue to portray the living history awakening the world, “people are slashing and thrashing/they’re callin it passion, the system is crashin/things are just ain’t addin up/we’re beggin for water, they hand us a cup.”

The masked mystery personas represent beyond our phobias this spooky season. The exhibition of current power is non-transparent, thus untrustworthy- “lunatics, politics, all of you hypocrites.” Similar to being trapped in a haunted house, the thoughts of freedom seem unforeseeable as the music video tackles daily demon additions. These beasts shape-shift our lives in the forms of physical and mental abuse, not just people. In fact, “it’s making me sick!”

The camera shakes and stirs up the disoriented world, reminding us that it’s not fantasy; it’s authenticity. The glitches are patches of anger and chained zombies as our attachment to morbidly technological meth. The craving or want of media’s propaganda. Beyond The Purge-like carnival, Noisy Boys are sending us a world-wide wake-up call:

“They see us, but they don’t believe us/fill us with fentanyl. Keepin us numb from all. We’ve seen this all before/no more, no more/ We’ve declared its war/ no more, no more/ we’re slaves no more.”

This happy little horror show, like our anxieties, can help us decipher the truth, which is often painful and terrifying to relive. Yet there’s also a hidden level of hope within the track and one to take note of now. Whether you’re battling addiction, breaking from the chains of a toxic environment, making your voice be heard, or facing fears, one thing is clear: “we’re slaves no more.”


Josh Davidson


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