Catch The Rise Releases Ode To Single Moms

Catch The Rise Releases Ode To Single Moms
Abby Duran June 30, 2021

South Carolina’s downtempo artist creates an ode to single mothers in his new single, “Moms on TikTok."

“Moms on Tiktok" came from a friendly group chat about identifying the single-parent hustle presence online. Catch The Rise provides a social commentary for the title, stating:

“I see how much single mothers juggle every day, and I want to shine a light on what people take for granted. Everyone has a side hustle. I realize that I am not a woman, but I have an opinion. I also recognize that it is a bit unusual for me (as a male) to speak about this. However, I welcome feedback from females to understanding other people’s discourse."

There is no “judgment value," and the artist considers this a “musical valentine" to independent mothers everywhere. The title mimics the catchy pop tonality and deems ‘hey, moms can be fun too!’. Moreover, providing positive male support. 

“The expectations placed on them is complicated. They are to be independent and loving, almost reserved in a way yet sexy but not trashy. It’s practically an impossible order. So I want to bring this to people’s awareness and encourage a reflection. Just because a mom is on TikTok doesn’t mean she can’t have fun and be herself." 

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