Mental Tronde de Jambe

Mental Tronde de Jambe
Abby Duran February 7, 2021

We've seen our share of dazzling duos, but none like Eido and Jessica under the alias Mental Tronde de Jambe. The two are a clear definition of art, (according to a diverse range of human activities involving the creation of visual, auditory, or performing artifacts, which express the creator's imagination, conceptual ideas, or technical skill, intended to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.

Eido's music accompanies Jessica's dance interpretations, spanning across a decade or so of compositions. His ten album series titled Mental Tronica had met its match in the classically trained ballerina, now his wife.  “There's a movement in a ballet called 'Ronde de jambe,' French for move the leg," Eido explains. “Thus was born the hybrid of the two names: Mental Tronde de Jambe." 

This hybrid feeling was almost instant when they kept running into each other on the bus. One afternoon Eido was beginning his street performance under the Space Needle, and Jessica was on her way to the Pacific Northwest Ballet. The two were married exactly a year later. “Part of what drew us together was that we share something huge in common," Jessica notes fondly. “We are very passionate about our art and have dedicated our whole lives to it. It's the core of our existence."

Jessica was three when her passion for ballet came in Katharine Holabird's “Angelina Ballerina." Moreover, her mother relived her childhood ballet memories by teaching her daughter the basics. “I would dance all over the furniture in my ballet shoes and tutu," recalls Jessica. “I immediately fell in love [with my first class], and from then on, I was determined to be the best ballerina I could be." 

As natural performers, they seem unfazed about performing in the heart of Seattle's sights. “The simple answer," Eido adds, “is that we absolutely love it." Through practice and patience in their earlier years of artistic performance, stage freight becomes an afterthought, and the “spotlights become adaptable." “The more time you put into learning," they advise, “the more comfortable and confident you become."

This confidence is why they have a plethora of albums, and abstract music videos, spanning beyond blues textures. These include 34 ensembles and a 13 piece piano album. Their full band includes Mitch Waham and Mike Loera, on bass and drums respectfully. They even jazzed it up in the dance department by adding Christine Callo, specializing in Eastern-Indian performances. 

“It's quite a contrast with Jessica's Western-style," Eido admits. “Yet they have taught each other many new elements of dance and have expanded their horizons." “Blue Headband Dream" is a full representation of what Mental Tronde de Jambe is about as their first collaboration choreography. 

Beyond this representation, the couple does have a favorite selection they connect with individually. “PS So Long is both technically challenging yet fun to improvise on," affirms Eido. “For Jessica," he adds, “her favorite to dance to is This Is No Ordinary Rose, the very first piano song I wrote for the album." Moreover, it is Jessica’s ballet history that continues to spark her interest in choreographing. 

“Performing live is one of the greatest joys for us," she continues. “We love making people smile and inspiring them to make the most of their lives." Simultaneously, their family, friends, and fans that “have repeatedly shown up" motivates them to continue as performing artists. 

Eido and Jessica are equally captivated by laughter and love of each other personally, expressions felt from the audience’s view. A trait that tests relationships yet doesn’t seem to be a challenge for these two. “Our advice is only to work with your spouse if you deeply love each other," they inform. “It fulfills both parties, and you truly feel a sense of love and joy doing so." A solid reason why they continue to stay “motivated and devoted" to their work to this day. 

Photography by Amanda Toll. 




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