Loci Records + Czech Vibes Sound Create Global Culture Mini Documentary

Loci Records + Czech Vibes Sound Create Global Culture Mini Documentary
Abby Duran October 26, 2020

North American downtempo label team up with European film productions creating the ultimate global culture feature. Loci Records head artist, Emancipator, provides a single soundtrack for stunning mini flick. With the recent release of his remixed album, Mountain of Memory, Emancipator chose Austria’s Good Lee’s remix of “Alligator” as the orchestral theme.

This reinterpretation is a captivating instrumental piece that tells its own story yet propels its visual accompaniment direction – bringing a new level of narrating to a broader audience. Music’s movement enhances the viewer’s experience and awakens the mind at a time where universal travel is on hold.

The five-minute documentary gives new meaning to global awareness based in The Himalayas and submerged in the vibrant colors of local cuisine, religion, and souls—the cinematography snapshots life of four mountain tribes among the Indian Himalayan landscape. Czech Vibes connects the world-wide-web with the mountain melody makers as it teleports us to smiling faces and mystical places.

So take a break, a breathe, and a sip of brew and relish in modern mediation at your fingertips.


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