Lee Jones Presents “Sonya”

Lee Jones Presents “Sonya”
Aubry Scott January 28, 2021

When one is looking for a sound that isn’t represented in music very often, Lee Jones hits that mark. Jones plays locally as a resident in Charleston, South Carolina and has been dedicated to his craft since an early age. As a writer, performer, recorder, and teacher, music is always on his mind. He also runs a nonprofit music academy, Music for Life, which helps empower people with the avenue of music in their community as well as themselves.  

The fusion-style Jones expresses is Blues Rock and Americana. “Sonya” is the first written song about his wife and ‘was written at a time when we didn’t know if we would ever see each other again.’  The musical desperation Jones lays out is a picture-perfect representation of the story he is telling.  Jones’ expression of need and desire to be the one that can show her ‘that you are not alone’, helps us understand the passion between them from the start was strong and powerful. When you close your eyes,  Jones sets the scene with the mixture of instrumentals that lull you into a moment in their life. Cleverly placed electric guitar and the profound words make one understand that he not only wants to be ‘healing you’ but also in turn wants to be healed. Storytelling in music is an art. One that we all hope continues from from Jones. 

The best kind of music takes you for a ride. It tells a story that is either relatable or makes you see someone else’s point of view. “Sonya” is one of passion and desperation that you hear in every note; it’s a relatable journey for this listener. Jones ‘has got to give’ you his all and I for one am ready to receive.


Featured Photo by: Hannah Lee Photography


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