Judson McKinney – My Southern Bride

Judson McKinney – My Southern Bride
Abby Duran October 30, 2020

South Carolina native Judson McKinney releases a new acoustic ballad in the form of poetry. Now residing in Nashville, Tennessee, McKinney is no stranger to songwriting, and “My Southern Bride” portrays a raw display of his expertise.

Visually the song brings to life a lover’s long lost soul aimlessly wandering the cornfields searching for his beloved—a tragic tale of love that has all the makings of a solid ghost story. In the video, viewers get a taste of the lover’s endless soul-searching journey. How lonely the trail, never to see the light until he reaches his beloved’s arms once again.

“I would repair the crimson sky from Mozambique to Buenos Aires,” McKinney hums hauntingly the desires of a man longing to reunite. The beginning verse notes the man in the present time: “I was born to sail the ocean/ I was born for the rising tide/ But it surrounds me with emotion/ When I recall My southern bride.” However, the story begins to twist when the lyrics ask, “are you just a dream? Or just an ocean?” His continued daily path starts to blur his vision and question his existence. Perhaps our protagonist has mistaken fields of corn for waves of water.

In one form or another, we have all been in “a place where pain and love collide.” Our “swelling emotions” catches us off guard or triggers non-characteristic patterns. Whether or not you prefer to believe in spirits, losing loved ones is haunting in and of itself. The numbness sinks in. One feels aimlessly floating between the couch to the shower, much more so from work to home.

Nevertheless, “My Southern Bride” is relatable to everyone, as music should be. So gather your friends for a campfire story, one to pass on for centuries. Embark on a chilling tale for a chilly night and delight in the soulful voice of Judson McKinney.



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