Ida Mae – Here Comes The Rain

Ida Mae – Here Comes The Rain
Abby Duran October 22, 2020

*Originally written by Jestiny Morris

“Raining for you” shines a light on Ida Mae’s effortless, natural voices. The new track eases your mind, making you think about your loved ones and simpler times. The talented husband and wife duo, Chris Turpin and Stephanie Jean, invite us all on their musical journey. Not even the pandemic could keep these two from creating such powerful music.

Originally from the United Kingdom and now residing in Nashville Tennessee, Turpin and Jean have been touring together since they were 19. The couple, some might refer to as the “British Bonnie and Clyde”, share a love for blues music and don’t compromise who they are; which, comes across in the authenticity of their music. “Raining for you” gives the message of, “When you love someone, you would do anything for them?” And don’t we all want that. 

Their latest EP will be available on November 20th. In the meantime, let’s go listen to “Raining for you” on repeat. Cheers. 


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