Gods. – Honest

Gods. – Honest
Abby Duran
Abby Duran November 28, 2020
South Carolina’s rebellious instrumental trio release emotionally tension album, Honest.

Philip Ward, Christopher Perot Jr., Deslin Price are ending 2020 with a blast of aggressive yet subtle harmonies. As experimentalists, their gifts lay in ripping open small packaged emotions during their songwriting process. A therapeutic act and an early holiday present for fans and family. 

“Now and Then,” the album’s opener, is a startling jolt with some sharp guitar shreds accompanied by Price’s energetic drum cadences. The hyper buildup has the tonality of the new year’s beginning, the uncertainty of what’s ahead, yet encouraging. 

“Honest” is an array of an individual’s aspirations and mental clarity. A hardcore and heavy look at ourselves in the mirror. The drum sequence, portraying our daily mental blocks, and the routine rhythm riffs collide with our reverberation hurtles-flickers of energic bursts beautifully translated. 

“Nightwaves” begins subtle yet builds swells of discourse like waves crashing on rocks. “Skyflower” is the surprise in the middle, reflecting the musicians’ abilities and adaptability. The tempo seems to relax yet not straying from their tremendous energies, backed by an occasional “whoo”! Both tracks are a solid selection for cruising, solo walks, and concrete talks. 

“Unforgettable” best describes Perot Jr.’s rare vocal entrance. The dreamy background riffs from Ward and steady kicks from Price provide lyrical direction. “If honesty alarms you”, belts Perot Jr., “don’t get my words all tangled up.” A heartbreak of any relationship can appreciate “looking for pain in the worse kind of way” and “slowly erasing your heart from my brain…so unforgettable.” 

Taste opens with acoustic chords, resembling a mandolin, in perfect conjunction with Perot Jr.’s echo yet rustic reverb. “Like you’re breathing in all at once” lyrically adheres to someone of egotistical agendas. However, musically fitting as it opened with a mysterious divert transitioning into the slamming melting pots of chords and kicks. 

Creep is a disjointed expressive box of guitar strings–each one yearning to speak, yet somehow they create a tangible narrative of honesty. Once again, reflecting ourselves back at us. Listen carefully, and one will hear reflective questions to the answers we seek. 

Art of War” joins the trio’s individualistic fury trips yet summoned by an optimistic harmony. The repetitive cycle in this tune is the same as in battle, whether physical or mental. Similar to hitting a brick wall yet overcoming the fears of conflict, a perfect execution. 

Slug Mansion resembles a video game character on a quest into a slippery slope of the unknown. The guitar shredding and staccato fragments encounter villains and collect tools—soundtrack quality in the making. 

Ten” appropriately fitting but not due to its numerical sequence. Numbers often hold a plethora of significance to the creator and the listener. And for the instrumental triad, this ending is truly the beginning of a creative outlet with more to come. More importantly, it’s the variety of pleasing sounds that offer a hopeful outlook transitioning into 2021. 

Honest is now available on all streaming platforms. 




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