Catch The Rise – Eudaimonia

Catch The Rise – Eudaimonia
Abby Duran April 7, 2021

Greenville, South Carolina's rising downtempo artist, Catch The Rise drops another euphoric tune. 

“Eudaimonia," like its name suggests, compiles a plethora of stimulating tonalities. A faded yet jolting vocal snip grabs the attention as if sounding a call to prayer. The quick transition into the melody introduces the artist's signature guitar riff backed by airy electronic sparks. Together they form a deep sense of happiness that drifts into the drumline. The sparks become more energetic as his guitar takes over the chorus. 

The climax slows down the BMP until a darker channel comes into motion, signaling a bit of confusion. Yet, the two textures blend nicely, forming a solid sense of clarity. “Eudaimonia" captures the musical optics of wind, a subtle morning breeze into an evening rustle. 

“Similar to human life," remarks mastermind Britt Barker, “I wanted the song to reflect a journey or evolution with its peaks, valleys, and a broad spectrum of emotions, imagery, and feelings." Moreover, his song “embodies fluidity, evolution, love, impermanence, creation, power and the idea of embracing both the beauty and suffering of existence. All of these comprise a life that, to me, is marked by true fulfillment or “eudaimonia."

Pronounced  (U-de-mOn-E-a), the title stems from the Greek word for happiness or welfare; yet, Barker wanted the track to symbolize “fulfillment, prosperity, and blessedness." While attending Clemons University, “eudaimonia" became a common thread among his philosophy studies which he now applies to his current outlook. “There is a component to it that goes beyond just basic happiness. It's about learning to find the fulfillment in all moments, not just the happy, feel-good ones."


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