The Meaning of Autumn

The Meaning of Autumn
Abby Duran September 16, 2021

Fall is a season of change. The leaves turn from green to vibrant yellows, reds, and orange, the flowers of summer wither while heartier plants sprout, and the air turns cool nipping at your skin. As humans, change in our everyday life can send us spiraling. We have a plan, a routine, but every once in a while a wrench gets thrown in the way. We freak out and get so focused on how it should have been. Then fall comes and we watch in awe as the change takes place – the beauty of nature taking its course, knowing that everything that needs to grow back will. If we embraced the reminder that fall brings, that the refusal to remain the same and allowing ourselves to lose some leaves, to let a relationship die, to weather a transformation – if we remember that all these things can be beautiful, then maybe we'd embrace the falls of life better. Fall to me is the chance to strip things bare and embrace the uncertainty of what happens next.

Photo and words by Hannah Remsburg, contributing writer. 

As the world around me cools and the leaves adorn themselves in warm earthy colors, I fall into memories of a child I once knew. I am taken back to a child who jumped in the leaves, frolicked in the woods, and slept by many a crackling fire. I recall cool quiet eves in the backyard. I smile at the distant laughter of time gone by when family and friends would gather. I remember the simplicity of it all. Now time has passed and fall still comes. Age and time has changed the child, but Fall still comes the same. Steady and true as always with its warm colors and cool air. Its steadiness slows the world down even if just for a bit. The fast pace and loud noises damper as the leaves lay a cover over dormant grass. Fall to me is a reminder or what has been, but a steady hand as life changes again and again.

Photo and words by Rachel Remsburg, contributing writer. 

All seasons affect us. For me, Autumn welcomes the transition of post-life in the most beautiful way possible. By this time all of the plants that flourished and drank their fill of life from the sun have passed their peak of living. When I think of transitioning, there a natural stigma attached to it and it can be difficult for anyone. But while moving through this passage to a cold winter, all I can think about is the warmth that comes with family and the undeniable magic that the season brings. This portion of the year is for embracing the magnificence of what was and is.

Photo and words by Laura Laney, business writer. 

In the time of autumn, even as a summer baby, I feel most at 'home.' The crisp, cooling winds calm the spirited summer soul.  The sunrises and sunsets paint its most vulnerable expression. These monumental changes, however reoccurring, bring out the most creative headspace. The transition of transformation of mother nature and oneself. It's the first page in a 365-day chapter. 

Photo and words by Abby Duran, founder.

A new fur coat. More hearty food. Another excuse to take a nap. 

Words by Alexander Henry l, chief editor. 


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