Abby Duran August 2, 2021

For Anthony Rodriguez, “art is a place where the rules and laws of everyday life do not apply. Where expression is not bound by any rules and has far greater importance on abstract, purposeful expression." His uplifting trance and progressive tracks have gained support from some of the major networks in electronic dance music, such as Armin van Burren and  Above & Beyond. 

Beyond his productions, his love of electronic music runs deep and brushes every style. Rodriguez notes that “trance, especially progressive trance, will always have a special place in my heart." Yet, he gains the most inspiration from house producers. Trance music is the high-pumping euphoric sounds that typically gravitate in the 125-140 beats per minute range. House music is its low-key cousin chilling in the basement with some funky flavors.  

Deriving from other genres is what creates adaptable crafters and more skilled-seeking sounds. Rodriguez prefers his music to sound “aggressive and gritty yet clean" when it comes to composition. He favors “to cook something that encompasses all inspirations, influences, and technical ability in one." Moreover, “weather and moods have a relationship for me and my songwriting. An icy cold night or the sun’s hot energy gives off the intensity of the sound I’m looking for." He claims that “it’s really a paradox" and a solid definition of EDM.

While listening to music under hallucinogens, the name Aressa appeared on the iTunes visualizer. It became a positive sign for his stage name and thus a successful one. Although Arissa is a Greek notation of “the best," Aressa symbolizes Rodriguez's achievements and adaptability, not to mention personality.

Among his artistic qualities, this youthful creator is also a musical engineer instructor, offering individual online tutoring in the studio. “My goal for my students," he affirms, “is reaching their creative potential as an artist and a producer." Their improvements are examples of his work and the joy he collects connecting with someone, a theme well tied to his live acts.

As concerts start to blossom again, Rodriguez looks back on the recent artistic Garage Gallery LA experience as precisely what he lives for:

“We had a professional painter creating while I was performing on the digital/technological avenue. Funny how we had two different things going on at the same time yet still representing art. I find art, subjectively, [even] in front of an engaged and fruitful crowd. The attention [they] give is like no other. It's as if we are exponentially sharing a moment as one for a brief moment in time." 

Rodriguez learned the valuable art of beat-matching at the very beginning of his musical journey thanks to an old pair of Numark CDJs that excluded a sync button and “forced" him to develop a “natural ear." An ability, combined with his productions, helped him land gigs alongside some of the best in the business. “It's a very refreshing experience," he recollects fondly, noting that legends BT and Cosmic Gate were among his favorites.

You can catch Aressa's “refreshing experiences" currently in Los Angeles; yet, his tracks are among the top global dance charts. Tickets to his opening act for Groove-ism at Globe Theatre L.A. here.

Photo provided by artist. 

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