Gypsy & Me – Pandemic

Gypsy & Me – Pandemic
Abby Duran October 9, 2020

Kyzandrha Zárate & Mike Moore are the gypsies in all of us, exploring the vast terrain of sentiments that have heavily impacted us. While most are rebalancing our lives, they set off to write and record an album everyone can relate to, and more importantly, turn to in times of peril. When we cannot express our emotions ourselves, we turn to the artists who have traveled souls. 

Despite the origin of the album’s title, Pandemic is suitably fitting and takes listeners on many human character stages. There is a song and perhaps many that we have reached during our disappointment with daily disruptions. Zárate and Moore have provided a safe platform to live out these frustrations and progress. 

The album begins with radio static mimicking uncertainty, immediately into a raw bass guitar blurred with virus headlines. Adding environmental elements to their albums is a trademark, much like the trains they have traveled from their 2018 album, Road Sweet Home

The introduction track quickly shifts from doubt to hope with “Survive.” The melody is delicate, adding ease for the listener in combination with lyrics “we’re finally seeing unity that’s spreading through the globe/even faster than this virus, what’s spreading now is hope”—the drumline sounding off as if marching to the sounds of solidarity, an American quality.

A warm, lulling guitar chord and harmonica harmony welcome you to “The Time Will Come”-“let this sound fall on deaf ears and restore the light to the blind.” Lyrically they remind us of what’s quintessential and keep loved ones close, despite six feet apart. “It’s all how you see it and what you do with it that help diverge the two,” they bellow—two referring to good vs. evil and overloaded information vs. common sense. 

“Pushing Forward and Pulling Through” can be daunting even before a global shutdown. What makes this song so meaningful is the acoustic perspective as if it only adheres to yourself, like the first time someone’s in your corner rooting for you. 

Moreover, “If I Could Write A Song” is a modern cry for worldwide acceptance and an end to discrimination.

“If I could write a song that taught the whole world how to love/ to see past the colors of our brothers and sisters, the battle surely would be won. 

If I could write a verse that went back into time to reverse/ the hate and the labels, I think we’d be able to put love first.” 

If only it were as simple as putting pen to paper, but if a song can make us see ourselves for who we truly are and learn from our mistakes and others, we are surely progressing. 

The repetition of days indoors and no connection to the outside and others can become mentally challenging. “Circle Never Ends” becomes an acoustic cry, and eventually, an array of disorientated voices. These voices symbolize those who feel confused or lost in what feels like, well, you guessed it. 

“More Than Enough” is quite a fitting piece following its predecessor because it transports us to an internal reflection of self-doubt and pain. Zàrate belts, “why do I hold all this weight when I know it is not mine to take. Why do I feel like the time I put in is a waste?” A bold song to write and even braver to sing. 

“Ain’t Done With You Yet” is the spoken conversation when we lose loved ones and our ability to move on from life’s losses. 

“Let This Be The Story” shifts the album into a more fruitful tone, bringing new life into perspective as the world slowly pieces itself back together. 

“Let’s bridge the gap between/ not only our ages but the words on these pages/written in history, let’s write the newest chapter/ that shows we’re now the best that we can be.” 

“Phase ll” is a hard look at our nation’s divide, “we are the weakest at being strong.” The vital expression for the concern of a country that is continuing to build an unforeseen future. “We lost sight in what might have gotten solved,” signifies a foggy separation from our course. Yet there tends to be some certainty for a learned lesson. 

“Hindsight” highlights Pandemic‘s hidden messages in the form of a beautiful acoustic ballad. It rounds out the small yet significant Floetry of positivity within a vast range of epidemic emotions. 

Pandemic is due on Friday, October 23, in conjunction with their socially distanced release party at Mantiques in Brevard, North Carolina. 

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